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Concept writing and copywriting, from multimedia experiences to websites

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High volume production

For a year, I worked at SSENSE as the English Content Manager. I oversaw the content production for their e-commerce platform, from product descriptions to landing pages, banners, newsletters and push notifications. Delivering high quality content and ensuring consistency with tone of voice while maintaining efficiency requires strong leadership, an operational mindset and expert knowledge in copywriting.


What Leonard Da Vinci would say

I was hired by flora&faunavisions to collaborate on a tremendous project: the Genius Immersive Experience. Genius is a touring exhibit, currently in Berlin. A creative journey through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci, today. I got the chance to write poems, reflections, statements and descriptions inspired by Da Vinci. These writings were then projected onto the walls and immersed participants in a truly unique environment.

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Twelve x twelve

Developing a brand in web3

I was approached by twelve x twelve, a music NFT startup based in Berlin, to work on developing their vision, website copy and sales deck. From leading workshops with the team of executives, to collaborating with UX designers and brand strategists, I worked on developing their tone of voice into a compelling offer and a series of punchy one liners.

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Moment Factory

Crafting a vision

One of the very first tasks I was assigned at Moment Factory was to help translate the company's vision and ethos into words. A challenging and yet greatly inspiring project which truly resonated with my passion for writing.

I collaborated with talented writers in finding creative and yet compelling word structures to better explain Moment Factory's unique mission and services. Spending time with the company's founders to immerse myself in their world was a privileged experience unlike any other.

From the company's website to project case studies and press kits, the result translated itself in many forms.  

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Myel Design

Adapting content

It was with great pleasure that I took on the challenge to adapt Myel's French content and copy to the English speaking market. Not only is the person behind Myel Design a childhood friend, but this jewelry company based in Montreal and locally designed is greatly inspiring - setting new industry standards by using ethical stones and eco-responsible raw material.

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Adobe Productions

Translation & Subtitles

I have been collaborating with Adobe Productions for many years. Adobe is a documentary production company that directs and produces documentaries with a strong focus on human and social themes. I take great pleasure in transcribing, translating and adapting dialogues for the screen in both French and English. Working on their projects gives me the chance to travel all around the world.

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